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NIHSS StrokeJuice is a medical application designed and coded by physicians for physicians to record, save, archive, review, and email NIH Stroke Scale scores (abbreviated neurological assessment). The application can track the following times associated with important stroke alert (aka brain attack) events: hospital operator pages/calls to neurologist, patient arrival at hospital, physician at bedside of patient, NIHSS stroke score, and CT scan. Save and access data for multiple patients. Simple and fast NIHSS entry interface. StrokeJuice comes in two flavors: pro/full StrokeJuice and Diet/lite StrokeJuice. The latter has ads given TANSTAAFL. Notably both flavors are low calorie. Due to certain unpalatable lawyers, at this time we are obligated to state that StrokeJuice is not intended for any clinical applications.

"Truly a tour de force. A bland arrangement of straightforward buttons on par with beneficent sorcery."

"Ever since using this app, I no longer cry myself to sleep at night."

"5003x more effective in curing my cancer vs. energy crystals."

"Now that this app has been released, I have canceled the brain mapping project as obsolete." -Obama

"Ever since being implemented at our institution, our hospital Gomer and Gomere fraction has dramatically plummeted. Now that they can talk again, man do they hate the cardiac diets!"

"I tried to diagnose my stroke and half the screen went blank! And then I scrabbledz them egg salient revery viewsnapply!"

"Mostly harmless."

"The authors are clearly insane, and the software a cry for help. For the future of humanity it is imperative the authors be stopped."

*note: some or all of reviews might possibly be somewhat entirely contrived

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